Companies with Workday require assistance from experienced consultants.


In partnership with your organization’s reporting personnel, dayII will help identify current reporting needs to create or refine a scalable report request and development process to support the business. All along the way exploring concepts and ideas that are realistic to your organizational culture to develop new best practices for users and support teams.


With the implementation of Workday, managing expectations will be essential to a successful transition. While the move to new technology will be obvious, a successful strategy focused on continued legacy processes, current to future state changes and the affect on people may not be. Gathering user input and concerns will increase user adoption of Workday and how that translates to their daily lives and the organization.


One of the many favored aspects of Workday is its highly intuitive user interface and ability to quickly and easily generate reports. Even so, the vast number of delivered reports can mean that learning them can be daunting.

Workday reporting, even with proper knowledge transfer and training can be easy to use. Clients lacking the resources and time to during the implementation often push this important workstream aside. Realizing later as go-live approaches that reporting needs are just as critical as other aspects of the project.

We will develop the critical reports for data validation during the implementation process as well as your specialized and complex reporting needs for you global organization.  In partnership with your Subject Matter Experts we will assist them with learning the basics of reporting.

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The decision to leverage an industry changing HCM cloud based system was not a casual decision, and neither should your Workday reporting process transition strategy. Determining the balance between legacy norms and shaping future processes will be critical to utilizing the most that Workday has to offer your organization. dayII will leverage our experiences and assist with the brainstorming process and execute your final strategy.

Before you launch on day one, bring in dayII.​