Workday provides the tools to plan, hire, manage, and analyze a global workforce to generate necessary enterprise solutions.


Provides the ability for workforce headcount planning, position management, and cost allocation budgeting.  When configured, the forecasting of jobs, position and assignment of compensation can be reviewed across regions, divisions, cost centers or other organization structures.



The recruiting module is a ground up design, breaking from traditional Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).  The result being a seamless system that ties the needs of all parties in the recruiting process:  managers, interview team, recruiters and candidates.  The talent acquisition process is both an internal and external event that involves the entire hiring lifecycle, embedded into Workday’s core HCM application providing a full and compressive set of features and functionality for all participants of the process.



The reporting module allows for reporting features such as aggregate drill through into global values of headcount, jobs, performance history, attrition and regulatory compliance.  If combined with Finance, HCM, and Recruiting modules, the powerful capabilities of Workday become greatly apparent.



Workday runs incredibly quickly and with an intuitive user interface; even the most casual users of the system will quickly become familiar with it.  Out of the box, Workday delivers multiple dashboards and graphical charts allowing the user to drill into the data and take direct action.



Built with user mobility first; Inbox, Business Processes, Dashboards, Expenses, Time Tracking, and Recruiting to name a few are all available via iPad, iPhone, Android, or web and is hands down the cleanest user experience.



Data and User auditing.  Every transaction is tracked and retrievable without additional setup requirements.

Workday Community, your voice is heard! 
Workday has incorporated its customers into a democratized online community where users post and share issues, solutions, and best practices.